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It’s 5 am and this is for the occasion. 

Beijing- Patrick Watson.


Wanted Ad

Wanted: Young man wanted to open flower shop in Spain or Paris with me.

Job Description: We will leave this country and start up our own flower shop. You will be in charge of the finance/accounting/ business stuff because I ain’t about that life.

- Must be able to speak Spanish/French
- Candidates must be able to accept platonic bro-ship
- Must be able to rock corduroy pants
- Must posses a love for colorful things (and flowers, duh)
- Must be able to accept living in sub-par apartments or dingy lofts
- Not a picky eater
- A tasteful palate for wine
- an optimist
- Must know the lyrics to “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World (and break out in song-dance on command. because I need an enabler)
- A love for cobblestone
- A distaste for cigarettes
- Preference will be given to candidates who are within the 22-27 age range

*Note: All candidates may send their resumes to my tumblr.
**Note: Please no serial killers.


I had to send in a video for Walacea telling investors about myself, so I decided, what the heck, I’ll shoot some headshots too! I also trimmed my own hair and it is getting long enough to DO STUFF WITH. For example, this hair style is the product of not washing my hair for 4 days! 

Protect the rainforest+learn from scientists tracking amazing mammals in Borneo with drones! #walacea #crowdfunding  http://thndr.it/1xBgp0i

Protect the rainforest+learn from scientists tracking amazing mammals in Borneo with drones! #walacea #crowdfunding http://thndr.it/1xBgp0i



Art Nouveau Interiors

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Charles Spurgeon

Charles Spurgeon

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Ormond Gigli (B. 1925)Girls in the Windows, New York City, 1960


From Muhammad to ISIS: Iraq's Full Story - Wait But Why

If you want to know about ISIS, the divisions in the Islamic world, and the history behind it to explain the timeline and geopolitical setting, this article I found to be incredibly helpful. 



Adam Marshall
Cambridge, UK
Canon EOS 70D

How does being a photographer help you with filmmaking / video editing?

The interesting thing about this question is I started off in film and video. I never really picked up a camera to shoot stills until maybe only recently. A few years if we’re talking “seriously”.

When you shoot still pictures, you only present what is on one frame, meaning you must make sure that what you choose to show is exactly what you want to show. I guess this part of photography helped me realise that each frame in a sequence of video is just as important as the entire sequence together. It allowed me to focus a more macro orientated editing style, making sure that I could say to myself; at any point I will pause the video, will this frame make sense in the sequence? While it may not always be relevant or possible to edit (or shoot) this way, it’s good for me to get into that frame of mind. It has allowed me to think a little bit more about planning the entire sequence, and shooting a video with as much detail and care as a still.

Do you think photographers / videographers have an advantage over still photographers in the way in which they are able to portray beauty not only in photography, but also in moving image?

I would say that they both have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s not always easier to explain something just because there’s more than one frame to show it in. Sometimes more frames leads to more ambiguity, just like a still. You can be very precise with a single frame. If you get it right though, a moving image can certainly show more of the picture.

I think they are pretty similar in many ways, it all depends on what you’re comparing. I do like to think that I have learned to appreciate a single frame still after having the luxury of a moving image though! While it may be easier to have the advantage of showing a beautiful landscape over multiple frames, it might not always be ‘better’. There’s still beauty in the unknown and wonder.

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[bottles up feelings and lets them age for 10 years like a fine wine]

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